New Generation Gallery

Magdalena Gorska

BA (Hons) Interior Design & Furniture, Technological University Dublin

New Generation Gallery 2016

I am a final year Design Undergraduate of BA Hons Design Interior and Furniture, at DIT. My passion is to create bespoke spaces where clients feel achievement of their desires. The design of LanGO represents the style aiming for unique, minimalistic yet bubbly and colourful design. Scandinavian style has been used throughout the building with a hint of white marble and copper.

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LanGO Adventure School - Reception by Magdalena Gorska
Voice Recording Studio by Magdalena Gorska
Lecture Room by Magdalena Gorska
Admin Offices by Magdalena Gorska
Cafe/Canteen by Magdalena Gorska
Colour and Furniture Scheme by Magdalena Gorska