New Generation Gallery

Maitiú MacCárthaigh

Ba (Hons) Fine Art , Crawford College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery

My current practice is concerned with constructing alternative agricultural spaces, derived from the rural landscape and decaying architecture of Ireland, spaces that I can inherit and inhabit. My place within this landscape is uneasy as I grew up as the eldest or “right son” on a farm but never inherited due to fire. Further to this I also exist outside the heteronormative ideal of Rurality.

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Install shot of 'Aduantas', 2021.
Second install shot of 'Aduantas', 2021.
'Aduantas', Créograph, 2021.
Install third shot of 'Aduantas' 2021.
'Harro/Inherited' (Left) and 'Spancel/Inhabited' (Right)