New Generation Gallery

Mary Doyle Burke

BA (Hons) Visual Art, Waterford Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery

"...that land of ours..." Investigating the connection between humans, their traditions & the land & exploring their place in a contemporary sense is at the core of my practice. In the research stage, I gathered organic materials out on the land, while at the same time absorbing the emotional energy & psychic in the area. To translate this, I created monoprints on organic cloth back in the studio. All colours used in the prints were derived only from natural plants from my local bogs & forests. Mark making was used, the process involving gestural marks on hazel rods, some controlled & some uncontrolled. In the studio the process was intuitive & spontaneous. The monoprints & hazel rods, along with turf sods & reeds evolved into sculptures. They were formed in response to the space in both the landscape & the studio. Interested in what is absent, considerations were given to the relationship of the sculptural forms with the larger spaces surrounding it.

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An Chead Tine
An Bhean Chaointe
The Shroud of Danu
Photo of installation of Sculptures at College Street Campus