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Mary Furlong

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Photography, Technological University Dublin

New Generation Gallery

Not the location of my first kiss, is about memories, sometimes misremembering and mixing things up. I concentrated on memories from the years before my first misremembered kiss. As the project is centred around childhood memories I wanted it to have a playful element. COVID-19 restrictions dictated the type of project I could attempt. The still life images were made at home in the spare bedroom with equipment borrowed from college. As I currently live in the same town I spent most of my childhood in, I had some form of access to locations. To date my portraiture has been very straight, I wanted these portraits to have a performative element, my Mum stood in for everyone. Everything starts with a memory, from that a photograph is made and a piece of text written.

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I am trying to remember what colour the roses in our front garden were, sometimes I think they were yellow, but then I’m not certain, they could have been red, or pink, maybe white, not orange.
I was in Green’s dining room and I don’t know what happened, if I laughed, or coughed, or sneezed, but a big snot came flying out of my nose and I had no hankie, I was mortified I can’t remember what I did with it in the end!
I was six or seven when I found out about Santy, someone in the school yard must have told me, I asked my parents if it was true, my Mum was on the ladder going up into the attic and my Dad was on the landing. I got a Nookie Bear for Christmas that year.
When I was young I wanted to be an astronaut, or maybe a vet, or a Charlie’s Angel.
I remember my Granny making these fancy firelighters, but it was always my Mum that made them not my Granny at all.
I had a recurring nightmare about crossing this bridge, it didn’t always look like this, sometimes it had no sides, sometimes it was very skinny, sometimes it was made of old stones. I was always on the way to school and I always woke up before I made it across to the other side.