New Generation Gallery

Mary O’Leary

Fine Art, Crawford College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2020

Around the world multinational corporations process limited, naturally occurring materials, such as seaweed, into profitable commodities. Non Appétit presents a pop-up culinary experience, led by a satirical Irish seaweed cookbook. The function of Non Appétit is to take on a business and corporate aesthetic, using the very language multinationals use to sell their product in order to undercut them

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Eggless Wakame Fried Eggs by Mary O’Leary
Sleadbhancán and Coconut Mille Feuille by Mary O’Leary
Kelp Ketchup by Mary O’Leary
Crunchy Barbecue Kombu ‘Ribs’ by Mary O’Leary
Vegan Beef Tartare by Mary O’Leary
Baked Potato with Crème Fraiche and Agar Salmon Roe by Mary O’Leary