New Generation Gallery

Mateusz Lubecki

BA (Hons) Visual Arts Practice, IADT

New Generation Gallery 2016

And most days mama would cook a whole lot of potatoes and then need to leave them for later by Mateusz Lubecki
And it would travel, as if a ghost or a mouse was moving it by Mateusz Lubecki
And below the carps swam until they slowly died of hunger by Mateusz Lubecki
And a fluorescent crucifix by Mateusz Lubecki
And out of jam by Mateusz Lubecki

I am using my own personal memories as kind of springboards or starting points for each painting, transforming them later into familiar-yet-strange scenarios and environments. In doing so I try to explore the ephemeral nature of memory but also discover any parallels between the Irish and the Polish ways of remembering and thinking.

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