New Generation Gallery

Micheál Masterson

BA (Hons) History of Art & Fine Art, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2016

The Pose of the figure is a key concern of mine. The perception of the Pose has the ability to convey visual meaning in the form of body language and facial expression. This is the core element on which I build a narrative in my work. The aesthetic experience is not enough on its own. I seek a balance between beauty and a sense of something dangerous, desirous or fearful.

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Make Up Study I by Micheál Masterson
Katie as Dominant by Micheál Masterson
Man as Submissive by Micheál Masterson
Katie Nonchalant (after Nonchaloir) by Micheál Masterson
Contemporary Decadence (after Romans of the Decadence) by Micheál Masterson