New Generation Gallery

Nadia Tamerji

Fine Art, IT Sligo

New Generation Gallery 2021

My work is in a constant state of change. I am interested in making playful relationships between ideas and materials. Using the body, I isolate a specific area to explore its surroundings, particularly the skin. I struggled with abandoning the idea of the body while emphasizing the skin. I used fabrics to make multiple bodies. I had to open the idea of bodily spirit without reference to the body, only to synthetic skin. The skins are draped, stretched, slashed and stitched. I could have continued to make latex sculptures, but the work failed when it was confined to just synthetic skin. I have to remove myself from making and start working directly with real skin. To do this I use photography documenting skin that is agitated and inflamed. My work reflects on the tension between what is real and synthetics.

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by Nadia Tamerji