New Generation Gallery

Niamh Dorgan

Sculpture and Combined Media, Limerick School of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2018

Humans have evolved from the sea, made of 60% water; we traverse this planet with vast oceans inside us. My work explores the interconnections between ecology, poetry and art.Drawings are used to construct narratives in which my body is a self-contained world filled with oceans, mountains and organic forms. Using poetry,I challenge the viewer to think about our impact on the natural environment

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'Genesis' by Niamh Dorgan
'Metamorphosis' by Niamh Dorgan
Afterbirth by Niamh Dorgan
The Holy Mountain by Niamh Dorgan
There is salt in my bones, mountains in my lungs by Niamh Dorgan
Weak Bodies by Niamh Dorgan