New Generation Gallery

Nina Fern

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fine Art, Sligo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery

The work for my graduate show is influenced by folklore of human-aquatic creatures, poetry from Emily Dickinson, biodiversity and the coastal lifestyle. I am interested in place identity and the sense of belonging to our natural environment, especially blue spaces. I have found myself to investigate the space between the digital and the physical world. The stark contrast between applied arts, such as working with textiles (post-consumer neoprene), and the digital realm, moving image and Augmented Reality. Both physical and digital need a certain tactility and sensibility, which I have found my work often has as a common trait. Themes discussed are identity politics, migration, displacement, and transformation.

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Made With Pearl
Extended - My Bodice Wholly
Strangest Sea
The Sweetest Bird
The Mermaids - Close Behind
Upon My Dandelion Hands