New Generation Gallery

Oisín McDonnell

BA Hons Fine Art, University of Ulster

New Generation Gallery

My works are an accumulation of installation inspired screen prints and etchings, exploring seascape boundaries around Ireland and Northern Ireland. The work observes shifting seascapes, the intersection of movement and dissection of space that make up existence and the ability to be whole. I aim to highlight overlooked, significant details which are often lost when viewing expansive seascapes. I explore different ways of viewing, displaying depth through scale and layering. I re-embody seascapes as an encounter between micro and macro, a juxtaposition and display of vastness as expansive but also intimate. My goal is to utilise scale to convey the immensity and presence of nature. I use shape and lighting to guide a viewer’s perspective. In my lenticular etchings the vertical panoramic view and multiple spaced prints give the seascape room to breathe emphasizing expanse and vastness.

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