New Generation Gallery

Olivia Robinson

BA Fine Art Painting, Limerick School of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2019

Olivia's work considers the place in the mind that recalls memories and formulates dreams; the place that imagines in a fragmented manner. She draws a parallel between creative process and mannerisms of the mind. By revealing and concealing through the language of paint she demonstrates the flaws and characteristics of recollection, drawing on the feeling evoked when recalling from hazy memories.

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Nocturnus I (2019) by Olivia Robinson
Nocturnus II (2019) by Olivia Robinson
Pace of Gesture as a Consideration V (2019) by Olivia Robinson
Negative Space I (2019) by Olivia Robinson
Fugacious (2019) by Olivia Robinson
See Through It (2018) by Olivia Robinson