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Peter Ganly

BA Fine Art, Sligo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery

My name is Peter Ganly. I have recently graduated as a mature student with a BA in Fine Art from Atlantic Technological University Sligo. My practice centres mainly on the development of a narrative through painting, both figurative and representational. I believe that the physical permanence of painting as a medium has a special role in a world saturated with flickering digital imagery, and that painting has an enduring function as a way of documenting the world around us, sometimes beautiful, but also sometimes horrific. Some of my works are inspired by chance encounters with scenic landscapes, vintage buildings, lake boats, etc., while others carry social or political commentary focussing on issues such as migration, refugees, and border conflicts. This current body of work is emotive, visceral, and reactionary, triggered by politics and current affairs, sourced from the barrage of news images emanating from our world of conflict.

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Thompsons Garage
West Bank
Slingshot in Palestine
A Cold wind from the East