New Generation Gallery

Pim Wijnmaalen

BA (Hon) Contemporary Applied Art, Crawford College of Art and Design


August 2016

Pim Wijnmaalen will be exhibiting with members of the Society of Cork Potters in ‘INTEGR8’ at LHQ Gallery, presented by the Cork County Council Library and Arts Service as part of Cork Craft Month until 19 August.

Recent Works

Pim Wijnmaalen by Pim Wijnmaalen

New Generation Gallery 2015

Earth has maintained life for billions of years but overpopulation and our interference have disrupted the planet’s delicate chemical balance. We are but temporary to the Earth; it will continue its existence regardless of our fate. I use man made materials, cover these in a modified casting slip and fire in a burn-out. All that remains after the firing is what the natural process will allow.

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untitled 05 by Pim Wijnmaalen
untitled 06 by Pim Wijnmaalen
untitled 14 by Pim Wijnmaalen