New Generation Gallery

Rachel Doyle

BA Fine Art - Painting, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2016

The contemporary architecture of Dublin as exemplified by inner city flat complexes is of central importance to my practice. Inspired by the modern architecture of the 1950s my paintings emerge from a series of photographs. The inherent abstractive qualities of colour transform the flats from a dull, bleak reality to an exciting utopia. Inspiration was drawn from Dublin's inner city.

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O' Devaneys Gardens, Red. by Rachel Doyle
Dolphin House - Dolphin Dreaming by Rachel Doyle
O' Devaney Garden - Diamond playground by Rachel Doyle
Dolphin House, Pink and Silver. by Rachel Doyle
Demolition of flats at St Teresa’s Gardens by Rachel Doyle
O' Devaney Gardens, glow in the dark. by Rachel Doyle