New Generation Gallery

Rebecca Morrow

Fine Art, University of Ulster

New Generation Gallery

My printmaking practice takes form through mark making, comprised from hand tools concerning the subjects of aging and fragility in relation to my Grandfather. With an emphasis on creating heavily etched embossings of the tools’ marks, and the relationship and movement of the tool with the crafter. I include hand drawn, autobiographical mark-making from my Grandfather within the compositions to create thought provoking and emotive works. I make this kind of work to bring a personal form to my practice. Presenting the viewer with the tool as an object used within the printmaking process but also an emotional connection of my Grandfather and I. Contrasting the tools as mere objects in process with a storytelling and personal narrative.

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'Being Ernest [Saw]'
'Being Ernest [Drill]'
'When Is Becomes Was [Drill]'
'When Is Becomes Was [Screwdriver]'
'Wear and Tear'
'Measuring Time'