New Generation Gallery

Rhys Murphy

Fine Art, University of Ulster

New Generation Gallery

My work is a form of catharsis that centres around queerness and growing up in rural Northern Ireland. The work discusses the complex relationship between body and mind. I address feelings of torment and guilt, which play themselves out in my practice. Influenced by my childhood, art derives from a place of conflict resolution and purging of negative emotions. Nothing acts as better therapy than allowing myself to create. I use printmaking and sculpture to help navigate an often overwhelming heteronormative society. My process-based approach builds on the relationship between sculpture and print. A creation that goes hand in hand with destruction. The process is cathartic, a building of emotion in the form of sculpture and the breaking down in the form of prints. I utilise the scanned image to imbue life and add drawn elements to embody freedom. I use the body as a tool, focusing on the face, the intent is to both conceal and display.

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