New Generation Gallery

Roberta Doorley

3D Design, Modelmaking + Digital Art, IADT

New Generation Gallery 2021

My name is Roberta Doorley and this year I am graduating from 3D Design, Modelmaking & Digital Art at IADT Dún Laoghaire. I am an emerging conscious maker with a keen interest in sustainability. My work frequently reflects my interest in the natural world and social justice, among other areas. I develop my own materials and methods through research and experimentation. Recently, the primary focus of my work has been on traditional practices such as weaving, knitting, and paper-making, using natural and sustainable materials. My work represents a fresh take on heritage crafts, coupled with a thoughtful regard for the present state of our burdened environment. I aim to support intersectional environmentalism and ecofeminism through my work as a craftivist.

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by Roberta Doorley