New Generation Gallery

Sadhbh Gaston

BA (Hons) Contemporary Applied Arts, Crawford College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2016

In stitching I see the labour of the hand revealed, the labourer is not distanced, nor is their time. It is this care, this focused attention on the labour and the textile, that I want to turn on supply chain for textiles. In a world made small by globalization, how can we understand the impact the objects of our consumer society have or the human and environmental costs which we outsource?

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Ingredients of Insecticides by Sadhbh Gaston
Ingredients of Insecticides: Permethrin by Sadhbh Gaston
Brought to you despite... Whitefly by Sadhbh Gaston
Brought to you despite... (Detail) by Sadhbh Gaston
1:550,000,000,000 Land Producing Cotton by Sadhbh Gaston
Installation of 'Ingredients of Insecticides', 'Brought to you Despite...' and '1:550,000,000,000 Land Producing Cotton' by Sadhbh Gaston