New Generation Gallery

Sarah Navan

BA in Photographic Media, Griffith College Dublin

New Generation Gallery

My name is Sarah. I am a mother. I work night shifts. I go to college part time. I suffer from a Bipolar disorder. Bipolar is a confusing condition, especially for someone viewing it from the outside. Most patients are reluctant to share how they feel for fear of stigmatization. Affecting over 45,000 people in Ireland and millions across the world, Bipolar disorder is often mis-diagnosed. This happened to me. For years, due to my mis-diagnosis I took incorrect and potentially detrimental medication. Care in Progress is an in-depth exploration of coming out of a Bipolar disorder manic episode and starting afresh. Taken with a snap shot aesthetic on various 35mm film. The work documents moods such as depression, suicide idealisation, hypersexuality and apprehensiveness, juxtaposed with bouts of euphoria and elation or simply being content with life. In making this work, from a personal perspective, I hope that this visibility will help to break down barriers and curb the stigma.

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