New Generation Gallery

Sheenagh Bleakney

BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Ulster

New Generation Gallery 2021

My practice is based within printmaking, but I often combine analogue photomontage, screenprint and photointaglio print processes. My practice explores key issues of the current social and political climate, such as Brexit and Covid-19, focusing on the language and imagery of the mass media. My work can be triggered by a word, phrase, photograph, headline or event. In response, I create photomontages composed of appropriated text and image, illustrations, photography, and language, pasted onto newspaper which grounds the work in time by incorporating random headlines and dates. Nonsense is a key idea in my practice. In my work, the viewer is an active contributor whose interpretation is based on their individual context and understanding. I use material from readily available sources, including magazines and newspapers, to incorporate familiar signs and symbols in unfamiliar compositions. This unfamiliarity aims to counteract obvious or unconscious interpretations.

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by Sheenagh Bleakney