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Sofia Rudi Kent

Fine Art Media, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery

Sofia Rudi Kent is a practicing artist and researcher. Her work is a piece of institutional critique, utilising 3D modelling and archival research to investigate the paradigms and archaic conventions of the museum world. She looks to the past to uncover the issues behind the current retention of plundered artefacts and their imperial histories. In particular, she explores the ethics of ownership, as the ghosts of colonialism continue to haunt modernity. The marriage of technology and art motivates her everyday process and practice. Through the using archives, historical records, and online resources, she uncovers the amnesia of the colonialist cycle that so informed Ireland's past. This piece focused on one particular artefact: a Burmese Buddha that caught the attention of Sofia, as well as featuring in Joyce's, Ulysses. Using an array of mediums, she scrutinises the history and ethics behind this relic in an attempt to give it posthumous agency.

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May the peacock have its call and dance
May the peacock have its call and dance (2021)
Burning of Rebel Arms, Burma Campaign Diary by Charles Fitzgerald.
Time Lapse of 3D printing