New Generation Gallery

Sona Smedkova

MA in Creative Practice, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery

It was a cold December night, 1984. Being placed into Communist Czechoslovakia. I developed detachment from this place where queuing for bananas was a privilege. I left the motherland to search for the sticky side of cardboard, the little broken edge of aluminium; the necessary cerebral vacation to see clearly again. It all started somewhere around Jung, and his views on death and rebirth. The sense of self, the persona, the anima and the shadow, it was always right there disguised through Muybridge’s pigeons to Bacon’s violent pre-selfie internal expressions. I am a multidisciplinary artist exploring internal experiences, identity and in-between spaces through installation, photography, painting, video and sound generated by Artificial Intelligence. My understanding of new technologies and the rebellious "abuse" of digital tools is pushing photography as a medium out of its traditional boundaries. My practice is a cyclical process: image- affects –reinvent image –reinvent.

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