New Generation Gallery

Sona Smedkova

Bachelor in Contemporary Arts (Hons.), Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery 2020

My work explores the concept of space and memory of place through photography, painting and film. I always had an interest in psychology, how our external experiences shape us into our own unique identities and provide us with information about our inner selves. Research into the area of neuroscience is allowing me to better comprehend the way I think, see, and interact with the outside world.

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Rewired by Sona Smedkova
EEG by Sona Smedkova
Confabulation by Sona Smedkova
Still life no. 1 by Sona Smedkova
Multiplicity 1 by Sona Smedkova
Multiplicity 2 by Sona Smedkova