New Generation Gallery

Sonia Cahill

Fine Art, Crawford College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2021

My work is concerned with the creation of imagery that has emerged from emotional experiences and connections to places and events within the landscape. These paintings are intended to express this experience through the use of colourful and playful biomorphic shapes that form in unexpected places, creating a surreal and dreamlike environment. My work has been influenced by the organic biomorphic forms of Matisse’s paintings as well as the words of Josef Albers who wrote ‘that colour is the most relative means of artistic expression.’ Working in oil and acrylic paint and employing a variety of scale the work considers expanse and distance intending to convey the sense of smallness we feel when we are immersed in the mountains. I am interested in creating a rhythm and flow in my paintings that is reminiscent to that experienced within the landscape and rolling hills.

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by Sonia Cahill