New Generation Gallery

Sorcha McNamara

Fine Art - Painting, Limerick School of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2019

In my practice, I am interested in the sensual qualities of materials and the parallels that exist between verbal and gestural language. Ideas surrounding composition, form and inside/outside space preoccupy much of the thought process behind each part of the work. I use found objects, drawing and the expanded field of painting - its residual debris - as a means of translating these ideas.

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'Hum' by Sorcha McNamara
'Surround' by Sorcha McNamara
'Cuticle' by Sorcha McNamara
'Warm Angles' by Sorcha McNamara
'Innards/Outwards' by Sorcha McNamara
'Dash | Fragment | Linebreak' by Sorcha McNamara