New Generation Gallery

Susie CK (Susan Kelly)

BA (Hons) Visual Art, Waterford Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery 2020 Sociopolitical & environmental ramifications of a hyperobject-climate change- prompted exploration of anthropogenic oil (black gold) dependence. Material outcomes form“Miasma”-surreal installation of a cloud of black recycled plastic, bamboo(green gold)pumpjack like assemblage, a swing, holograms, video, soundscape of layered dawn choruses and diesel scented candles

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Miasma - installation incorporating sculpture of recycled materials + hologram and video media, sound & scent elements by Susie CK (Susan Kelly)
Miasma, a multisensorial, immersive installation by Susie CK (Susan Kelly)
Miasma, made while thinking about climate change but may be interpreted as being about any looming situation. by Susie CK (Susan Kelly)
Video still of acetate hologram projection - pumpjack morphing into playground, by Susie CK (Susan Kelly)
Bamjack - green gold - a bamboo pumpjack. Bamboo is considered in economics as a viable alternative to oil - black gold. by Susie CK (Susan Kelly)
Hammer by Susie CK (Susan Kelly)