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Sylwia Migdal

MA Art and Environment , Technological University Dublin

New Generation Gallery

Data as Music For the past two years, I’ve been exploring how data of all kinds can be perceived as music. Why music? Not only do we as humans love music and listen to it 24/7, but music is composed of a rich set of audio qualities- as rich visual characteristics - that can be combined to create musical worlds through which data, can be heard as a kind of information soundtrack. My most recent work: Translations, records unseen, deep water environments, using hydrophobic microphones and data sets collected from the Marine Institute in Galway. The research is inspired by Hydrofeminist strategies that support deep speculation and imaging of our shared, non-human climate. Archiving non-visual evidence of micro-changes in sea environments, Translations capture the slow, imperceptible destructiveness of the biosphere in the Anthropocene.

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