New Generation Gallery

Sylwia Migdal

TU Dublin B.A. (Hons.) Visual Art Sherkin Island, B.A.V.A

New Generation Gallery 2020

Through a practice-led research of critical theory, tackling the climate crisis in the epoch of the Anthropocene, I use documentary media that record images and sound to explore ontologies and poetics of the moment. Collecting natural sounds and artefacts to create a phenomenology of recent history. I draw on technology and the literature of Donna Haraway and Walter Benjamin.

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In The Blink of My Ear by Sylwia Migdal
Retina Sound by Sylwia Migdal
Falling Slowly by Sylwia Migdal
Disjoined by Sylwia Migdal
What Left Behind by Sylwia Migdal