New Generation Gallery

Temilolaoluwa Sadiq

BA (Hons) in Fashion, Limerick School of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2021

My collection is inspired by my African upbringing and my love for music. As music and dance are a vital part of African ceremonies/gatherings I have focused on exploring the concept of the importance of music and dance in African ceremonies, focusing on Ashanti Drumming. Drums are one of the most prominent instruments used across Africa when it comes to African ceremonies. Ashanti Drumming is a method of drumming used to communicate when played; it's also referred to as the talking drum. The cohesive method combines structure with a sense of flow and movement. My aim was to translate Ashanti Drumming method into a cohesive winter autumn collection, I achieved this using traditional tailoring and boning to create the structure and draping for movement to create a cohesive collection that embodies Ashanti Drumming.

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by Temilolaoluwa Sadiq