New Generation Gallery

Therese Murphy

BA Fine Art, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology


October 2016

Therese Murphy was commissioned by the Abbey Heritage Group in South East Galway to paint a mural on the story of Kilnalahan Abbey from its Carthusian roots in 1252. She seeks to bring both art and the monastery’s unique story to life and into a public space.

Recent Works

Mural by Therese Murphy
Mural - Detail by Therese Murphy
Mural - Detail by Therese Murphy

New Generation Gallery 2016

My work explores the idea of landscape as a reflective space which contemplates themes of emmergance, transience and change. The paintings are abstract in nature to reflect life's complexities and the prerogative is always to propagate some form of growth, be it personal or public, physical or spiritual. The work is predominantly about the process of growth

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Canada Road by Therese Murphy
Becoming Free by Therese Murphy
Sileadh an ndeor by Therese Murphy
Between Two Gardens by Therese Murphy
Baby Blue Eyes by Therese Murphy
Growing up by Therese Murphy