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Tyler Doyle Sutton

Illustration , National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery

I am a Dublin based, multidisciplinary illustrator and artist. I work with many different methods and materials ranging from digitally coded imagery from photos I have collect, to meticulous paintings. I feel some of my best work is created when working with everyday objects and materials. I like to delve into difficult topics such as domestic violence as I feel it is under represented in visual communication industry. My work aims to shed light on sensitive topics like this from an emotional and psychological view point as I feel this approach makes it is easier for the viewer to digest, creating a more considered conversation.

More info about Tyler Doyle Sutton at doyletyler.png (Instagram)

in plain sight (cups & saucers)
in plain sight (plates)
HOME; the home that hold secrets and the objects that hide them
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few words.2
few words.3