Panto collapsar

Jan2014_DriocheadIn partnership with Project Arts Centre, Droichead Arts Centre hosts ‘Panto Collapsar’ this coming January. The solo exhibition by Australian artist Mikala Dwyer is both a continuation of the artist’s on-going interests in the occult, the natural world and science, and also a response to Ireland. The title of the exhibition suggests on the one hand, theatre, comedy and audience participation, and on the other impending collapse. Dwyer, one of Australia’s influential contemporary artists, is an expert at harnessing the energy and potentiality of objects. ‘Panto Collapsar’ may also been seen at the Riverbank Arts Centre in Newbridge.
Mikala Dwyer: Droichead Arts Centre 16 January – 5 March; Riverbank Arts Centre until – 7 December


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