Radiant legacy

The legacy of stained-glass artist Helen Moloney is in the vibrancy of her colours and her use of coloured glass and lead lines in an abstract manner, writes Bart Felle

The stained-glass work of Helen Moloney (1926-2011) sparkled among the work of a remarkable generation of Irish stained-glass artists of the late 20th century. Her practice spanned less than two decades during which she was the stained-glass artist of choice for Liam McCormick (1916-1996), the pre-eminent church architect of his day (see IAR, vol 25 no 2). As such, her work merits examination in light of the increasing interest in and appreciation of late 20th-century Irish stained glass. Moloney worked not only in stained glass, but also in enamel and appliqué design.

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