Spring 2015 Edition

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Conor Harrington Dance With the Devil 2013 oil and spray paint on linen 200 x 250cm

THREE years ago, the graffiti artist Conor Harrington made the front cover of the Irish Arts Review connected to an article on urban art by SILVIA LOEFFLER. Now, the Cork-born artist’s Dance with the Devil, an ambitously-scaled oil-and-spray paint on linen work, has been sold by Bonhams in London for ¤105,127 (includes premium), a record price for any young Irish artist (see page 8).  Hector McDonnell’s next series of paintings featuring the Antrim coastline will be on view from July in Castle Ward, Co Down. Here he is interviewed by BRIAN McAVERA and the portrait of his daughter Rose appears on our front cover.  Gottfried Helnwein’s massive mixed-media images, often featuring the frightened faces of ‘the innocents’, are designed to shock and shock they do. Helnwein relocated to Ireland in 1997 but exhibits his work mainly in his homeland of Austria or in California as he tells MIC MORONEY.  Desmond FitzGerald’s last great ambition was to arrange a representative exhibition of Irish Art and Design from the period 1690 to 1840 and as WILLIAM LAFFAN reports this has been brought to fruition under the curatorship of Christopher Monkhouse and opens in Chicago on 17 March 2015.  Many contemporaries considered the joint exhibition shared by Nathaniel Hone and John Butler Yeats organized by Sarah Purser in 1901, as the catalyst that rejuvenated visual art in Ireland at that time as HILARY PYLE recounts.  Thomas Davis’ admonition to John Hogan to ‘Chisel the likeness of the Chief/Not in gaiety, nor grief’ was not lost on the Cork sculptor when commissioned to sculpt the monumental marble image of Daniel O’Connell now in Dublin’s City Hall, as MICHAEL WALDRON recalls.  Elsewhere there’s GERRY WALKER on Kathleen Holohan, SUSAN ROGERS on Liam Flynn, BRIAN FALLON on Maeve McCarthy, JOHN HUTCHINSON on Patrick Hall, and JAMES HANLY on Joe Dunne. In this Year of Irish Design, ELEANOR FLEGG has extended coverage in Design Portfolio and GERRY WALKER traces the growth of the design industry from the modest start in the Kilkenny Design Workshops in 1963.  Regular features include Under the Hammer by Robert O’ Byrne, Diary of Events by Kathryn Eliza Milligan and Art News. There are book reviews by Michael Ryan, Terence Dooley, Paul Larmour, Mic Moroney, Mary Lou McDonald, Joseph McBrinn, Michael Craig, Joan Geoghegan and Mary Shields, Peter Pearson, Livia Hurley and Seán Ó Laoire.

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Soul Man Patrick Hall’s paintings and drawings are ‘infused with longing for transcendence, writes John Hutchinson of the Sligo-based artist’s exhibition at Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin
Master of Spin Susan Rogers gains an insight into the practice of virtuoso woodturner Liam Flynn in advance of his solo exhibition this April

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Art of a nation A diverse range of artworks, drawn from the AIB and Crawford collections and selected by London’s Mall Galleries will present a new perspective on Irish art, writes Frances Ruane in a preview of the exhibition in May
An attitude of devotion James Hanley examines a new suite of still-life paintings from Joe Dunne on view at the RHA from March to April
New horizon Critics and commentators in the South will be better positioned to make an assessment of TP Flanagan’s painting career following his retrospective hosted by Bonhams in Dublin, writes Brian McAvera
Everyday people ‘What I have to offer is to express my love of what I see,’ Hector McDonnell counters his critics in an interview with Brian McAvera, ahead of his exhibition at Castle Ward, County Down in July
Apocalypse now Gottfried Helnwein’s artistic vision may reflect the macabre, but that content comes from the outside world, he explains to Mic Moroney ahead of his exhibition at Vienna’s Albertina Museum in June
No detour ahead Brian Fallon talks to Maeve McCarthy about the realignment of her subject matter that took seed during a number of road trips in America
The joy of colour Kilkenny-based colourist Kathleen Holohan belongs to a painting tradition which recalls the aesthetic of the Fauves, writes Gerry Walker
Performing art Eleanor Flegg meets photographer Peter Rowen, whose ‘Design Island’ exhibition celebrating Irish design continues at Dublin Airport until the end of the year
Rock steady Steve Larkin visits the ‘tough and beautiful’ new Coast Guard Station in Doolin, County Clare, designed by Dominic Stevens and commissioned as part of the Arts Council/OPW’s Kevin Kieran Award
Shades of green ‘Ireland: Crossroads of Art and Design 1690-1840’ at the Art Institute of Chicago celebrates the Irish as artists, collectors and patrons, writes William Laffan
The Renaissance of Mr Hone Sarah Purser’s retrospective for Nathaniel Hone was part of her larger project to build a platform for Irish contemporary art at the dawn of the 20th century, writes Hilary Pyle
Orators & artistry From his sculpting of the Liberator, to Brian Boroimhe and Thomas Davis, Michael Waldron tracks the development of John Hogan’s nationalist iconography
Fallen sons and warrior angels Nicola Gordon Bowe looks at an intensely productive period in the career of Wilhelmina Geddes, 1918-20, when she completed four war memorial projects
castlewellan In the shadow of the Mournes Terence Reeves-Smyth pays tribute to the creators of the world-famous arboretum at Castlewellan, Co Down