The spirit of Bauhaus

Roseanne Lynch Untitled [18.5.7] 2019 silver gelatin, fibre-based paper, unique print 50x40cm

Roseanne Lynch’s images are an engagement with the act of seeing and the experience of light and space, writes Sarah Kelleher

Roseanne Lynch is a visual artist whose work engages with the building blocks of photography – paper, light and time. The result is a pared back abstraction: precise and saturated monochromes in liquid jet black or limpid white that are austere but also sensually appealing. For the past fourteen months, Lynch has been living and working in Germany, initially undertaking a three-month residency in the Bauhaus Foundation in Dessau and then invited to use the facilities of the Fine Arts Academy in nearby Leipzig. Over this period she has focused on modernist architecture, less as subject than, in her own words, ‘a frame for holding light’, with architecture offering the means by which she can explore the capacities of analogue photography to engage with the ideas and experiences of perception.

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