Vibrant waves

Chekhov, Vonnegut, Murakami and Swift inspire the work of Natalia Black and prompt her imagination, writes Margarita Cappock

The Slovakian-born artist Natalia Black’s forthcoming solo exhibition in Dublin features a new body of paintings that are vibrant, dramatic, richly textured works that push tonal contrasts through her use of bold colours. Although currently based in Liverpool, Black has a strong affinity with the landscape of Northern Ireland, where she moved as a young artist having completed a joint degree in English and Fine Arts at Comenius University in Bratislava. This was a wide-ranging, five-year course that encompassed art history, psychology, philosophy and English literature with a view to becoming a teacher of art and English. The course included practical studies such as painting, drawing, print-making and ceramics. She also travelled widely, visiting museums and galleries in Paris, Vienna and Italy. On graduation, Black produced etchings, lino cuts and black-and-white drawings, describing her art as poetically surreal. Northern Ireland was where Black developed and established herself as an artist. She received the Outstanding Painter award from the Royal Ulster Academy in 2011 and the Emerging Artist award in 2012. She is now an Associate Academician. The Ulster landscape prompted her to move in a new direction and she started to paint, drawing particular inspiration from the breath-taking beauty of the Antrim coast.

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