Jason Clarke at Cork Vision Centre

This image was taken as part of the Plan Ireland-commissioned ‘Her Story’ Photography project. The project, aimed at highlighting Plan’s global Because I am a Girl campaign, sought to examine to everyday lives of girls in Ireland and Sierra Leone. Together with photographer Jason Clarke, Plan Ireland embarked on its most ambitious photography project to date by capturing 36 striking images to highlight the challenges faced by girls around the world, simply because they are girls.
Ranging in age from a few months old to 17, participants were selected from diverse communities in both countries to show girls in their natural environments – at school, at play, in the heart of the city and in rural farmyard settings. The familiarity of Irish scenes provides a fascinating contrast to the images from girls in Sierra Leone which allows us to seek out the similarities and examine the differences of girls in both countries.
The link between all of the participants is the Because I am a Girl campaign which is a global movement which aims to transform communities around the world by empowering girls. The campaign aims to reach 4 million girls directly, improving their lives with access to school, skill, livelihoods and protection. We will also achieve these improvements through better family and community support and access to services for girls. Plan also aims to reach 400 million girls through policy change. This means helping to bring about quantifiable improvements in policy makers, service providers and government support for gender equality and girls’ rights. The Her Story exhibition will be launched in Dublin in October 2013 by Mrs. Cherie Blaire, to coincide with International Day of the Girl.
Pictured is Emily O’Loughlin, age 6 from Mallow, Cork.