The Centre Culturel Irlandais has a number of intriguing exhibitions this autumn. Key works have been chosen from the œuvre of performance artist, Amanda Coogan, who also invites Parisians to be part of a new work, ‘Nuit Blanche’, which involves dancing to Maurice Ravel’s iconic Boléro. ‘The Hare in Paris’ offers a weekend of food, talks, workshops and music, hosted by artist-in-residence, Fiona Hallinan, and chef, Katie Sanderson. Paul Seawright exhibits his most recent photographic work, which investigates the creation of news bulletins about current wars by television studios. Visitors are invited to attend a talk with Seawright in conversation with Donovan Wylie and to visit Hallinan’s open studio to see the progression of her project ‘Heterodyne’.
Coogan: 12 September – 29 October
The Hare in Paris: 27-28 September
Seawright: 13 November – 20 December
Image: Amanda Coogan at the Centre Culturel Irlandais