Down Arts Centre has three new exhibitions: photographs by Alan Thompson, Alistair Livingstone’s ‘Falling or Flying?’ and a display of work by the Cuan Scribes. Based in the area around Crossgar for the past two years, Thompson’s ‘Contact’ documents the waterways, hidden corners and forgotten industrial past of this region. For his work, artist Alistair Livingstone draws on different sources to interpret the idea of falling and flying, including the biblical notion of a ‘fall from grace’, or wanting to ‘fly’ like Peter Pan. The Cuan Scribes present a range of calligraphy work, with all participants affiliated with the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society.
Alan Thompson: 8 March – 6 April;  Alistair Livingstone: 12 April – 4 May;  Cuan Scribes, 10 May – 1 June