‘Liminal – Irish Design at the Threshold’ is the flagship exhibition from Irish Design 2015 (ID2015). The exhibition launched in Milan this April will show at Dublin Castle from 3 July to 20 September. With a title that refers to the threshold between known and unknown spaces, Liminal follows a theme of collaboration in various aspects of design. The work on display includes the rugs designed by the ceramist Andrew Ludick, who has a background in illustration, and the Wexford-based company Ceadogán Rugs, who have translated Ludick’s designs and made the rugs in their Wellingtonbridge workshop. The rugs reflect the bright colour and simple pattern of Ludick’s ceramic work and are reputedly inspired by the pre-Columbian art of the Americans and the jazz rhythms of Theolonius Monk. Mourne textiles, founded in the 1940s by the Norwegian design pioneer Gerd Hay-Edie, have collaborated with Notion design studio on a range of contemporary upholstered furniture. Featured too will be innovative three-dimensional knitted furniture from Claire Anna O’Brien and Perch, a company that specializes in research-led furniture design for Applied Human Movement who have worked with the Irish furniture manufacturer Thomas Montgomery Ltd and Labfola A/S from Denmark. Other collaborations include a chair and magazine rack, developed by Garrett Pitcher of Indigo & Cloth with Designgoat.
Liminal Design: Dublin Castle from 3 July – 20 September
Image: Andrew Ludick & Ceadogán