Stephen Brandes presents ‘The Last Travelogue of Albert Sitzfleisch’ in the Cathedral Grounds at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival this month. Twelve billboards create a sculptural trail and imagine a future time when travel is only available to a privileged few. Sitzfleisch, a fictional traveller, reports from his journey across Europe commenting on its recent history. His short texts are set against a visual backdrop of a world that has visibly changed. The images derive from photographic collage and hand-rendered drawings re-worked through digital editing. They lean towards absurdist invention with references to episodes in recent history. Stephen Brandes was born in Wolverhampton and now lives and works in Cork. Stephen Brandes: 9 – 24 May
Stephen Brandes: Cathedral Grounds at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival
Image: Stephen Brandes
9 – 24 May