Galway Arts Centre hosts a solo exhibition by Kildare-born Gillan Lawler, winner of the 2007 Hennessy Craig Award at the RHA, from the 6th June. Her interest in architectural structures is sustained here as she explores the abandoned mining town of Centralia in Pensylvania. She writes that her paintings look at “natural phenomena and its possible effects on the design and architecture of manmade structures”; her images of Centralia depict a landscape where “ordinary town streets are dotted with sinkholes of various sizes, pouring out toxic smoke made deep below”. Running concurrently is GMIT lecturer Austin Iver’s End of the World News, linked to eminent domain by its dystopian themes and science-fiction influences. The exhibition centres around a film piece, displayed alongside prints and clips from sci-fi television shows, films, and advertisements.
eminent domain & The End of the World News: Galway Arts Centre
Image: Galway Arts Centre
6 June – 5 July