John Gerrard’s mirror pavilions are a highlight of the Galway International Arts Festival and Galway 2020. Large 7x7m cube structures, the two pavilions, Corn Work and Leaf Work, are sculptural and light installations clad in highly reflective mirror with a high-resolution LED wall. They are powered by local sustainable energy sources at two sites, Claddagh Quay in Galway and the Derrigimlagh Bog beyond Clifden. Using a technique described as motion matching, Gerrard generates an ongoing infinite choreography, based on the recorded movements of dancers. The two works aim to reflect the history of their locations: agriculture and industry in the city; and in Connemara, the Marconi transmission and later, the Alcock and Brown first transatlantic plane landing.
Claddagh Quay: 2 – 26 September; Derrigimlagh Bog: 10 – 31 October