Seán Ó Flaithearta is exhibiting as part of the Cúirt International Festival of Literature 2014 in Galway City 8 – 13 April. A native of Aran (Inis Mór) where he lives and works, Seán Ó Flaithearta is a graduate of NCAD, Dublin. O’Flaithearta’s surroundings and the environment he inhabits in the west of Ireland are always the most important influence on his art and where he finds inspiration. His current practice investigates the surface of the landscape and reality where there are underlying worlds of story significance and meanings, there is constant play between different dimensions in the work in an effort to reflect contemporary social and political dialogue. His work is concerned with regeneration, decay, degeneration, and how nature reclaims and transforms the human life cycle.
Sioda Móna / Bog Silk : Norman Villa Gallery
Image: Sean O’Flaithearta
8 – 13 April for Cuirt  / 8 – 26 April