Bluecoat and Liverpool Biennial present a series of new commissions by Irish artist Dennis McNulty under the title ‘Homo Gestalt,’ as part of Liverpool Biennial 2016. The Biennial is organized as a series of six episodes, fictional worlds sited in galleries, public spaces, unused buildings and online, which draw from Liverpool’s past, present and future. McNulty’s commission forms part of the Biennial’s Software episode, which expands and develops concepts in the virtual world to create new perspectives on art and life. Beginning with detailed research and informed by his studies in psychoacoustics, McNulty’s works often take hybrid forms, drawing on aspects of cinema, sculpture, sound and performance. The commissions for the Biennial include a data-driven installation which will be shown at Bluecoat, a digital app and an off-site performance work set around New Hall Place, a 1970s thirteen-storey brutalist style office building in Liverpool. McNulty has also devised an hour-long promenade performance work, which will take place during the preview week.
Homo Gestalt: 9 July – 16 October