In 1954, a farm girl disappeared from a village in rural Yugoslavia. Rumour has it that she fled to Paris where she led a double life as a spy until her death in the 1980s. A ravishing woman, she was Dragana Jurisic’s aunt. Recovered from her few personal belongings, was a colour photograph in which she is seen striking an unsettling pose – hypnotic yet ambiguously charming. Almost a century earlier, another mysterious beauty in Paris, “L’Inconnue de la Seine”, was immortalized in a death mask and celebrated by artists and writers alike. These two female characters together with the artist herself form the protagonists of Dublin-based photographer Dragana Jurišić’s exhibition My Own Unknown. In this very personal exhibition, photography and texts are entwined to address the complexities of exile, politics and betrayal together with family history.
Jurisic: until 7 January 2018