‘Things left Unsaid’ presents a new body of work by internationally known photographer Paul Seawright at the Model in Sligo. The show is part of a larger tour, which began at the Culturel Irlandais in Paris and will then move to the Ulster Museum in Belfast. In his most recent work, Seawright investigates the interiors of television studios located in Europe and America. The media, which create the news bulletins about current wars, are intellectually contested spaces. Seawright’s new work is about the intimate narratives of these sites—with a temporal tension between what is being said and what is being understood. Though the space is made to be seemingly unbiased, allowing an attempt to tell the viewer what is truth; it will never be the full truth.Through these abstracted images, the TV viewer and the victims is belied by sensational representation that ultimately distances and desensitises, making for powerful and poignant images. Seawright is the Head of School for Belfast School of Art and Professor of Photography.
The Model: Things Left Unsaid until 27 May
Image: Paul Seawright