In conjunction with Wexford County Council, the Wexford Arts Centre’s festival programme begins with the exhibition ‘What Is Life’, which brings together a selection of local, national and international artists, including work by Vera Klute, Meadhbh O’Connor, David Beattie, Gerda Teljeur, Maria McKinney, John Cullen, Andrew Kenny, Fergus Doyle, Eleanor Duffin and Bea McMahon. The work explores the potential for cross-disciplinary practice within art and science; what can art contribute to science and vice versa. The exhibition links with Trinity College Dublin’s symposium to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Erwin Schrodinger’s ‘What Is Life’ lecture series. Also at the Centre, Joanna Kidney’s show ‘We are Hurtling into the Future’ reflects on the vastness of our universe and our ever-changing interactions with our surrounding environments. Influenced by philosophical studies in metaphysics, works in the exhibition invite the viewer to question their ‘being’ and what it means to exist in this moment in time, acting as a reminder of how our environment can change quickly and how fleeting, yet influential our existence in the universe really is. Joy Gerrard’s exhibition of drawings and paintings ‘Fractured Crowd’ examines crowds, specifically protest crowds; their effect on political outcomes and social segregation and how they relate to their surroundings, in particular with architecture and the structural environment of cities and towns. Image: Joy Gerrard
What Is Life: until 7 September; Joanna Kidney: 17 September – 12 October;
Joy Gerrard: 21 October – 24 November