New Generation Gallery

Anna Larsson

BA in Art, IADT

New Generation Gallery

I am a multimedia artist based in Sweden and Ireland. My main subject of interest is the relationship between the private and collective experience. How can a private experience become a source for collective conversations, and how would a collective experience express itself in the private? A topic that I keep coming back to is interpersonal relationships. Communication and intimacy in contemporary society is reoccurring throughout my practice. The retelling of relationships and their consequences in a social society possesses great inspiration for me. Playfulness, humour and complete honesty guide my work. Personification of animals and objects are frequently used in order to move the viewers’ focus from the human form onto expressions and experiences. In my practice, I explore these subjects through the use of symbolism and storytelling, often working with photography, technology, sound, and sculpture.

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Crow’s Heart, Lemon, Feet
Detail of Crow’s Heart, Lemon, Feet
Speaking Swan
Detail of Speaking Swan
Invisible Woman no 6